Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Major Step Forward

I haven't posted any updates in a while.  Not because Scott hasn't been making some solid and steady progress though, he has.

In fact so much as happened since the last post.  First off, I should mention that there have been two benefit shows raising a total of nearly $30,000 for Scott's full-time care!  It was truly amazing to see everyone come together - close friends and family, as well as people who have never even met Scott before - to make the fundraising efforts such a success.  All the hard work and participation are so appreciated by the family.

Now, on to the progress.  In general Scott has entered the phase of slow and steady development.  He continues to go on daily walks with Jen and the dogs, continues to eat well, is slowly regaining some short term memory, and is working very hard on rewiring his brain.  He attends physical and occupational therapy appointments a few times a week and his therapists report that he is making good progress.  Although he is still confused in conversation, continues to conflate facts/time/events, he is certainly making great progress.

Last night marked a major step in the recovery process.  For the first time since his accident, Scott went out to dinner.  He joined Jen, Andy, Andrea, Scott and Karen for a meal a few blocks from their house.  Dinner out is a huge milestone because Scott remains very sensitive and noise and becomes agitated and confused in crowds.  Nevertheless, he took in a whole meal out with friends on a busy Friday night.  Scott enjoyed the good company and did not once become restless or agitated.  He was quiet, but certainly present at the table and taking it all in.  Dinner out was a huge success and hopefully marks a turning point in his being able to reintegrate in to social situations outside of the home.  Next up, Hot Lunch show?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Daily Walks

Scott has been making great progress these past few weeks.  His mood is finally stabilized which, after a rocky few months, has brought some routine and stability back to their home.  Jen, with the help of Scott's caretakers, has been working very hard to get him on a routine.  Having a routine will create some predictability and allow his brain to start to recognize patterns in his day which will help him with his short term memory and aid in his recovery. As part of this process Scott has been accompanying Jen on a morning walk with the dogs.  This is huge progress for Scott!  He requires very minimal assistance during these walks and is learning to navigate the hills and neighborhood again.  Most of all it is just great that he able to get out, get some activity and enjoy some fresh air.

His physical therapist has also recommended him for more intensive, outpatient therapy which he should be starting in the next week or so.  The fact that he is ready to move from the routines he has been doing at home to outpatient therapy in a gym facility, where he will have access to more challenging exercises, is a great sign.

I've even talked to him on the phone a few times recently and he sounds great.

He is making amazing progress.

Andy O commented recently that he was over visiting and Scott had just beat his caretaker in Uno!

Speaking of visitors, now is a great time for Scott to have visits.  If you are interested in coming by to see him please call or email Jen first to set up a good time to come.  Mornings are best, as he is pretty exhausted by the end of the day.

And, if you haven't already heard, there is another benefit concert taking place in San Francisco in the coming month - Sunday, February 24th.  You can find information on that event here:

Monday, January 7, 2013

A First

First off, let me say that news of the big benefit show in Wilmington brought a huge smile to Scott's face.  He, and all of us out here on the west coast who were unable to make it, have completely enjoyed looking at the photos and videos and hearing all the news on Facebook from the big event.  I know a tremendous amount of work went in to the show, the auction, the merchandise, beer making, etc. and all the effort and love is so appreciated by Scott, Floyd and Jen.  Thanks!  Stay tuned because rumor has it that a similar event will be taking place in San Francisco late February.

Now, on to exciting news.  Last night we had our first visit from Scott since the accident.  I knew that Jen was going to attempt to get him out -- and may even try to bring him over -- but boy was it still shocking to open the front door to see Scott standing there.  He looks great, is walking with minimal assistance, and was his usual, jovial self.  What is always most amazing to me is that he has retained his dry and witty sense of humor through everything.  He is conversational but continues to have names, events, and times confused.  For example, last night he was telling me that he was teaching Jim Snow's son drum lessons.  He said it in present tense as if this is something that he is currently doing.  When I asked him how old Jim's son was he replied that he was six and his name is Wyatt (my son's name and age).  Jim's son may have been around six when Scott began teaching him drums years ago.  Scott's thought process is logical but, at this stage in his recovery, he conflates details.

He has started to regain short-term memory and has begun to remember things from one day to the next.  For example, if he is told he has a doctor's appointment tomorrow, he may recall that he has an appointment when he wakes up.

He continues to make great progress one step at a time.

If anyone is interested in writing about their visit with Scott to share with others, you can email me directly and I can post it :

penny at projectzero dot com

Sunday, December 16, 2012

More Steps

As time passes Scott continues to make great progress.  The progress is hard to see on a day to day basis but, when you don't see him for two weeks or so and then have the opportunity to hang out with him, like I did last night, the progress is very clear.  The last time I saw Scott he was extremely agitated and confused.  Since that time doctors have been working with Jen to identify a medication that will help take the edge off but not make him too drowsy.  After a few weeks of trial and error, it seems they may have hit on a medication that is working.

Scott is still easily agitated - especially with loud noises, touch, and other sensory triggers.  But, he is better able to control the agitation and, as a sign of great progress, has even self corrected a few times and has apologized for his behavior.  Amazing!

Last night he was very conversational and was participating in the discussion Jen and I were having about Christmas.  He even interjected with appropriate questions.  At one point I asked him what he planned to get Jen this year and he replied, "it is hard because her birthday is so close to Christmas."  He is still confused and not fully oriented to the current time and place.  However it seems like he is less fixated on past events and beginning to talk more about the present and what is currently happening around him.

He is now able to come to standing without assistance and can walk around the house by simply grabbing on to objects for support as he goes.

It is still a struggle to get him to eat because, much like Scott was before the accident, he is simply not that interested in food.

All in all Scott is doing great and continues to make great strides.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Benefit Show Tickets Now on Sale!

Tickets are now available for the Scott Jones & Family Benefit and Talent Show. Two nights of great NC bands! All proceeds go to directly to Scott to cover rehabilitation a
nd round the clock nursing care that is not covered by insurance. Thank you to the many folks out there that are making this event happen.

More information can be found here:

Also, people have asked about other ways to donate.  Scott's medical fund is an ongoing possibility.  There is a permanent link to it on the right hand side of this blog but you have to view it on a computer - not a mobile device - in order to see it.

IF you are viewing on a mobile device you should be able to view it here: