Monday, January 7, 2013

A First

First off, let me say that news of the big benefit show in Wilmington brought a huge smile to Scott's face.  He, and all of us out here on the west coast who were unable to make it, have completely enjoyed looking at the photos and videos and hearing all the news on Facebook from the big event.  I know a tremendous amount of work went in to the show, the auction, the merchandise, beer making, etc. and all the effort and love is so appreciated by Scott, Floyd and Jen.  Thanks!  Stay tuned because rumor has it that a similar event will be taking place in San Francisco late February.

Now, on to exciting news.  Last night we had our first visit from Scott since the accident.  I knew that Jen was going to attempt to get him out -- and may even try to bring him over -- but boy was it still shocking to open the front door to see Scott standing there.  He looks great, is walking with minimal assistance, and was his usual, jovial self.  What is always most amazing to me is that he has retained his dry and witty sense of humor through everything.  He is conversational but continues to have names, events, and times confused.  For example, last night he was telling me that he was teaching Jim Snow's son drum lessons.  He said it in present tense as if this is something that he is currently doing.  When I asked him how old Jim's son was he replied that he was six and his name is Wyatt (my son's name and age).  Jim's son may have been around six when Scott began teaching him drums years ago.  Scott's thought process is logical but, at this stage in his recovery, he conflates details.

He has started to regain short-term memory and has begun to remember things from one day to the next.  For example, if he is told he has a doctor's appointment tomorrow, he may recall that he has an appointment when he wakes up.

He continues to make great progress one step at a time.

If anyone is interested in writing about their visit with Scott to share with others, you can email me directly and I can post it :

penny at projectzero dot com


  1. That is so great that he got to visit you. How cool to find him at your doorstep! I can't wait until we get our first visit.

  2. That is awesome news! Thank you so much for your continued updates. It means so much to know how Scott and Jennifer are doing. We continue to pray for Scott's progress. The show of love at the benefit in Wilmington was overwhelming and just awesome. Please tell Scott that Mullet Revolta (the band he was in when they moved) played and Kendall Turnage (from Raised by Cows) played drums. We sure missed him and we look forward to Scott playing drums in our next reunion show!